About Capelin:

The Capelin is an almost perfectly camouflaged fish. Transparent olive to bottle green above, its sides are uniformly silvery below the lateral line and the scales are dotted at the margins with minute dusky specks and the belly is white. Its colouring makes it very difficult for predators to see, both from above and from the deep.


Cathing method
Purse seine and trawl.

Product Characteristics

Gradings/Whole round fish:
Gradings according to buyer specifications.

Grading of female/male.

Ocean run (mixed)

Packing styles: Jumble packed.

Carton size: 20kg

Fat Content

Month Percentage
February 10 – 15%
March 6 – 10%
August 18 – 20%


Freezing Methods

Blast-frozen as whole round.
Vertical plate frozen at sea.